Saturday, December 05, 2009

I like hot water

A few days ago the water heater in our apartment finally gave out, and water got into its electrical wiring. I hate that smell. Cloistered myself in the bedroom as best I could for a day and a half. Luckily the plumbers were prompt and we now have a new non-rusted heater. Between the lingering smell, a slight cold, and getting the H1N1 shot the other day, I've been achey and lightheaded the last couple days but now on the mend.

My class has wrapped up for the year, with only the final paper yet remaining. This class has been particularly rich in drawings ideas, so hopefully I'll get some new ones up soon. It's not like I'm too busy to do new ones or anything; it's just that I'm lazy and by the time I get through thinking about how I'll have to draw them, then photograph them, then put them on my computer, then tweak them in photoshop, then upload them, then add them all to the main page... well I'm usually asleep by then.

It's only a week and a half until we fly back to Saskatchewan!