Tuesday, June 13, 2006

This is the frightening bobblehead that lives beside my desk at work. The evilness of its face is entirely unneccessary. Creepy thing...wielding chicken...

I'm very proud to have invented a new method of literary criticism. I'm still working out the details, but you can check out my new Crakespeareanist Theory here. I expect it to gain immense popularity within the literary criticism community in the future (actually probably not....I seem to be the only person who doesn't think Shakespeare was a genius. I almost accidentally called him Crakespeare in class the other day. How embarrassing.) Bah, people and their Crakespasming. I actually used to like Shakespeare.

I'm hoping to swing by Dog River (home of Corner Gas!) next weekend on my way to Father's Day festivities at my uncle's. (Father's Day festivities are almost as exciting as Boxing Day celebrations.) Last year we detoured in order to drive by the Corner Gas town, but ended up getting lost as we tried to take gravel roads (mostly dirt roads that were closed because of flooding) the rest of the way. That reminds me, I should find my video of the Enraged Badger to post.


Blake said...

I am impressed at how much thought you've put into your Crakespearianist theory. Sounds like somebody has a Master's topic, nay, PhD thesis, aready started. And you're right. Shakespeare definitely has a lot of crap. Ooh. Iambic Pentameter. That's all I ever learned about Shakespeare in high school.

Amy said...

OoOoOo, can I swing with you? Oh wait, I shall be at the farm beforehand. Hmm. Perhaps we will have to coordinate something.

Perhaps I will have to kick Firefox in the shins for not letting me use contractions.

mēgan said...

What? No contactions?

Farming this weekend, eh? When? (A certain Dusty-person expressed an interest in visiting on Friday, you the farm).