Monday, September 11, 2006

The shoulder of whom?

Here's one that you won't be able to cheat on. Guess who/what this picture is of:

P.S. if you've tried emailing me lately I haven't gotten it. is down, and I can't do any updation.

[Edit: seems to have reverted to a very early stage. I sure hope it's temporary and they fix whatever the heck they wrecked]

Also, it occurs to me that I may not have ever posted this: (must have speakers on).


Ryan said...

It kept welcoming me. Effusively. I felt uncomfortably welcome. Too welcome really. Even unwelcomely welcome.

And, the photo is: a lamp ... in the dark.


gilly said...

It looks like two lamps on a wall .. like in a basement room or something..

gilly said...

oh yeah .. I nearly forgot to ask you megan..

.. did you find him? .. he was watching you all day monday

Anonymous said...

welcome to zombocom, this is zombocom. .. you can do anything at zombocom. The only limit is yourself.. this is zombocom. This is zombocom..

.. I can't help but smile on that site


mēgan said...

Yes, there are lamps...but what are the lamps (very slightly) illuminating?

Blake said...

if it's not God, then is it a llama? It's hard to tell what's not a smudge.

mēgan said...

Come on people! This is my second-best story, after the one about being kicked out of Pere Lachaise Cemetery! Clearly, I need to repeat myself more often.

Angelilly said...

Clearly. Cause I haven't heard you once. you should work on your enunciation and voice projection. it's just not reaching me. :P

Ryan said...

I know what it is, neener neener! :p


mēgan said...

Well, in case the rest of you were interested: the answer