Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Christmas and everything after

I had intended to say a few words for Christmas, but apparently haven't gotten around to it (and now it seems rather late). In a word, it was wonderful. The only bad thing about going home for Christmas is coming back to people who say things like "How was your holiday? Cold?" Yeah cold, that describes it perfectly, I don't think anything else could quite capture the essence of Christmas holidays. (I have learned, via my current class, that I ought to type "/sarcasm" at this juncture.)

I'm now partway through my very last class for my M.A. It is very different from every other class I've taken in this program, and very interesting, but all the same I won't be sorry to have coursework completely behind me. I've also been working on my M.A. essay in a more focused way, and finally have a good idea what the terms I'm defining mean... somewhat.

Weekends are still spent working at the Conservatory, and what with Ryan working full-time during the week I've started to realize that weekend work really, really sucks—not to mention the regular suckiness that most work entails. We rarely get to hang out together in daylight anymore, which is entirely maddening.

It's about the time of year when I should be starting to work in earnest on a choral composition—third time just could be the charm. I really don't have any ideas, though, so we'll see what happens.