Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Stupid Google+

A while back I was fiddling with my photo albums in Google+ (bad idea) and deleted the picture folder named "Lapsura" as it seemed to have no place on Google+. Whoops. The next time I glanced at my blog, I realized that I inadvertently removed the photos I have uploaded to it over the years. Rats. Point being, I just spent the whole evening reading through all the blog posts I've ever written to see how far back the damage goes (not as bad as one might fear). And it occurs to me that I used to write a lot. Like, most days. And now I write maybe once every few months.

And so I realize maybe it would be good for me to write again. There's reasons I stopped—things stopped being interesting, things became difficult to write about, etc. Mostly, it bothers me when people talk to me in person about things in my blog (it's an outlet; what I put on the blog is meant to stay in that digital realm). With all that in mind, it's time for an updation, which shall be forthcoming.