Sunday, November 25, 2007

snip snip

My composition teacher employs a teaching method that I can only describe as "snipping." Like this. It amuses me to no end.

I've only just discovered that I didn't know what C-Score meant. And that I can't reliably transpose transposing instruments from written to sounding and vice versa; the problem is that I hadn't really been exposed to orchestral—or even band—instruments until I started this Orchestration class in September. Not having had any sort of music program whatsoever in all my years of schooling is coming back to haunt me. Unfortunately, I have less than three weeks to sort this and other problems out.

I'm not, by any stretch of the imagination, a sports fan. In fact, every time I walk home and the Basement Dweller happens to be in his suite, I have to stifle a wave of rage at his blaring TV which always has some sort of sports game playing. But, I'm happy (and proud) the Roughriders won the Grey Cup today. I even secretly checked the status of the game online (and by "secretly," I of course mean that I'm blogging about it for the world to know). There's a vast chasm between wanting to know how the score ends up, and being willing to watch a game, though.


Blake said...

We'll work on the game watching part. Soon you'll be one of us. Join us. Jooooiin usssss.

(woot! Victory!!)

Amy said...

I watch games sometimes, just to be polite-ish. I usually wander off after a bit to do non-game things. Or I read or nap. For example, if pressed, I could claim that I watched the Grey Cup game. By which I mean, I tried to ignore it and sew while Dad watched part of it, and when I did accidentally overhear some commentated bits I snickered and cracked wise.