Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Swiss Rendezvous

I've just returned from spending a spectacular week in Switzerland, visiting Ryan.

I got to stay in the beautiful Swiss countryside, explore Geneva, wander around Meyrin. I got to tour ATLAS (and eat rabbits at CERN). We went to the Roman capital of Helvetica (now Nyon). We went to Montreux, and then up into the mountains. And we ate all sorts of tasty things. I had run-ins with the bus police ("The Swiss Bus Police: Never Around When There's a Riot, But Always There to Give You a Fine "), and with customs. It was one of those surreal experiences in which I saw the world happening and myself happening in it, living in it. My god, it was a fantastic trip. Some of my pictures are on Facebook.

I recommend that everyone able to go to the English Idol at U of R definitely check it out (Thursday, Feb. 28). I went in 2006, and gushed about it as soon as I got home.

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