Thursday, March 06, 2008

ScribeFarm's 3rd Contest... and GO!

Fun Fact: ScribeFarm's 3rd contest is running as of today, and it's highly fast-paced. The deadline: this Monday! No prompt this time, and hardly any limitations. Take a chance, have some fun. Here are the rules:

1) Work must be original; no scouring the net for something someone else wrote!

2) If you submit a piece of poetry, try to keep it fewer than 1.2 million words. We don’t mind reading what ‘cha got, especially if it’ll win. But try to limit yourself to the length of 3 encyclopedias.

3) If you’re writing prose, well… the same thing applies. Don’t kill the mods!

4) We’re not going to officially state that humor pieces will do better, but the mods tossed around the idea of making this a contest of humor. So…yeah…nudge nudge…

5) The deadline, folks, is THIS MONDAY, the 10th of March, 2008.

6) You can submit up to 3 pieces, and must be sent to

7) Lastly, and SRSLY, don’t forget this…you must have your Scribefarm/Fictionpost username at the top of your entry / email / whatever. YOU MUST HAVE IT THERE, and MUST BE A MEMBER OF ONE OF THESE TWO SITES.

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