Wednesday, November 19, 2008


It's been a mild autumn so far, and reminds me of late September back home right now. And that reminds me of all the things that remind me of home. I'm missing home.

The violin is far too awkward—actually, I'm far too awkward for the violin. In a little less than a month I'll write another comp ARCT exam, and then in January I'll be resuming voice lessons. Who knows whether any of this is leading anywhere. I'm still mulling over my grad school decisions, and don't think I'll be able to come up with a satisfactory solution. The worst thing about everything is that I'll probably always regret something.

With any luck, my song cycle will be performed on Saturday during one of the Canada Music Week concerts. With a little more luck, I'll actually be there to hear it, since Saturday is one of my work days and the concert is in the afternoon.

Christmas and snow! It will be glorious.


Amy said...

I get the same feeling when I try to play guitar, my fingers/hands just don't fit on the strings and everything feels wrong.

There are always things to regret, you just have to not worry about them. Be glad about the good things, and be happy that you have a lot going for you. If you make a poor choice, even if you can't go back, you can always go forwards to something else.

Snow is only glorious if you aren't around it all the time.

Amy said...

Aren't you going to talk about the Great Christmas Transportation Debacle of '08? You could start with "It was a dark and stormy night..."

Blake said...

You'd think there'd be some WoW drawings by now. Well, I would think. You're probably playing now so you're busy.

Dr. Acula said...

Hey! U've got an awesome set of drawings! :) Can I use one on my blog..the 'wrong number' one? I'll use your link..hotlink it to my post! Wat say?

P.S.: Reply ASAP! =)

Lapsura said...

Sure, go ahead.