Sunday, April 18, 2010

No more classes

As of last week, I'm totally done classes for my program (and that's a wonderful feeling after 7 years of post-secondary schooling!). This just leaves my final essay, which is roughly half finished and which I'll be defending in August. It's exciting stuff, but my motivation has been lacking of late. One thing I will say for university is that it provides a wealth of drawings ideas, and as soon as I can forage another battery for my camera I'll be back in business. (Actually, there are a lot of great things about university.)

I've been harbouring thoughts, recently (again), about going into Pharmacy like I had considered several years ago, but if it seemed grievous to embark on a 5-year degree at that time, it's an even bigger problem now with 3 more years of schooling under my belt.

The bad thing about working on weekends (actually, there are a lot of bad things about working on weekends) is that I'll almost certainly miss out on this year's Oak Bay Tea Party, among other things. Summer in Victoria is fantastic, but it would be nice if our schedules were more coordinated so we have more than Sunday mornings to enjoy it.


Thomas P said...

Hi -- just randomly wanted to say thanks for transcribing that Aphex Twin music! I always wanted to learn some of those songs and never quite had the patience to sit and figure them out by ear. Thanks again :)

Amy said...

I vote (again) for trying the pharmacy technician program instead, see if you actually like it first before committing to a degree program. Depending on the college, it may only be a few months. Bonus if you take it at Lakeland (the college here): you can stay with us.

Lapsura said...

So I looked into pharmacy tech. A lot of colleges are no longer offering pharm tech programs because of new/upcoming initiatives to regulate the discipline. The only (private) college on the island offering the course is $15k for a 10-month deal (i.e. not happening). I was quite interested at first, but have since been advised by a number of people (including one friend who used to be a pharmacy tech) that it's simple/mind-numbing work and not all that well-paying.

P.S. Thanks Thomas!