Sunday, August 29, 2010

Another Year Older

Looking back on yesteryear's birthday post, it seems that I've accomplished one of my birthday resolutions. I am officially Magister Artium. The essay itself shaped up into something pretty interesting, but I'm happy to be done with it. The defense seemed to be much less of a big deal than it's built up to be, but for all that it was plenty nerve-wracking.

Speaking of birthday posts, I guess this would be it. Despite being an excessively stressful week, this year's birthday was the best in many years: we went to see the ducks at the pond; perused the plant shop; and went for a surprise birthday dinner at a fine French restaurant. A bit of a shame much of the day was wasted at the office (alone, on a Saturday, which I'm becoming thoroughly sick of) and being inwardly gnawed by anxiety about my looming MA defense. Earlier this summer, I spent a couple weeks back home in Saskatchewan reuniting with family and camping with friends. Epic thunderstorms.

Now with school out of the way, I will be working nearly-full-time. Same old job, but more of it. I wish someone would pay me to draw cartoons or grow zucchini or something, the way they're so eager to pay people to play hockey.

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Morgan said...

I remember the days well of you being the only thing that made my Saturdays bearable!