Sunday, June 03, 2007

TDWWA (still)

Expanding my horizons. I really don't know what the proper procedure is for scoring guitar. Suggestions?

It is now June 3, the day expires. Soon it will be mine. All mine... why isn't it expiring yet, gosh. It's June 4 already in the rest of the world. Anyway, heads up for approaching moving.


Amy said...

I think they get a certain amount of time before the site goes up for public auction. CIRA will hopefully have the details, if the site was registered in Canada.

Lapsura said...

No, it's a .com site.

Hmm, I just got an informative email. "After a domain is expired you have 40 day grace period to renew/transfer your domain after which it goes into redemption for 30 days. When a domain is in redemption, it costs $80 US to release it and one year registration fee. After this period there is no guarantee the domain will be released but if it is, it takes approximately 5 days to become available to the public."

There was also some hopeful info in the email.