Wednesday, June 20, 2007

what the dickens?

I bought a violin today! Now to wait for it to arrive. I fully expect that it will not be a great instrument, and that I will bring out the worst in it. I also bought a hat, to shield myself from the cruel, cruel sun.

There are finally a few new drawings up.

Fun fact: The phrase "the dickens" was coined by Shakespeare in The Merry Wives of Windsor.

To do this summer:
  • delve further into Orchestration I, Baroque I, and History I
  • wield my super-pass and go watch music lectures/masterclasses/concerts
  • fiddle around on violin (great pun there)
  • do 1 more interview/article for Luther
  • wander around the city a lot
  • go back to Saskatchewan, twice
    • July: 1 wedding; 1 giant family gathering; 3 doctor appointments; visit family and friends; eat raspberries/saskatoons/hazelnuts/whatever else I can forage from the ol' orchard
    • August: 1 wedding (my brother's! at which I will be singing a duet), collect useful textbooks and transport them to BC; visit family; forage some more; possible school reunion
  • find place to move to; move
  • do some composing and transcribing
  • finish website


Blake said...

moving? where to? why? so many questions!

Congrats on the violin. I expect a performance when you are back.

Lapsura said...

The house we live in was recently sold, and we will have to vacate. Like a vacation.

Amy said...

Where'd you get the violin from? I want a violin. I wanted to take lessons back when I was approximately 10, but Mumsy said we couldn't afford it, or that you have to be little when you start, or somesuch. I think the second part was a blatant lie to get me to shut up, since she took violin for the first time in university. The vile(in) lies your parents tell you when you're young...