Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Here you go Jules. As requested:
For those of you who are unaware, this is a game I'm playing with some anonymous Britons. The rules of the game are: they leave messages on my cellphone, and I delete the messages. It's slightly reminiscent of the time I forgot to file my tax return, and a posse of taxmen came after me. Except that time it really was me they were after.


Angelilly said...

i play a similar game, except its the bc student loan society trying to get ahold of karen perry.

i wish i had random britains instead...

Anonymous said...

Forgot to file a tax return eh?

Hmm, those Britons sound pretty disgruntled.


mēgan said...

"If this person does not reside at this location... please press 4" If I press 4, my voicemail repeats the message from the beginning. They don't leave an actual phone number I can call, or a company name. Caller ID says their number is "416," which is not a number. I have no way of appeasing them... short of actually answering the phone when it rings, of course. But then I have to pay for a freakin' phone call to Britain. No, I think I'll just allow it for a couple years. Maybe then they'll give up.

Angelilly said...

Although as a radically insane, and desperate last minute manouver, you COULD always get your phone number changed.

... but then you wouldn't get random calls from britons anymore.