Sunday, April 30, 2006

I went to my parents' farm this weekend. It was mostly awesome, my Dad took me on two safaris (well, I just like to call them that)--three, if you count the one where I helped pull the tractor out of the slough. Mostly we just drove around looking at things. The first time, though, we quadded extensively all over the fields looking for muddy spots, and I discovered what photophobia means. The best part of the weekend was probably when Jaden showed me his bee collection (just one bee, but still!).

And my cat's face exploded. Quite literally. It was ok until he rubbed it all over my hair when I wasn't looking.


Blake said...

Ah, pulling farm implements out of sloughs. It was usually a swather with us though.

Does one count as a collection? 'Cause then I collect a lot of things.

mēgan said...

You bet one counts as a collection. Personally, I have a wide variety of collections. I start a new one almost every day!

Anonymous said...

So what happened to the cat???


mēgan said...

Well...its face exploded. I can't imagine how. After a brief recuperation period, I'm sure it will be back to its normal self.

Blake said...

Exploded in the mucusy sense or blood, gore and ichor? I've seen cats do some odd things, but never explode. Did I ever tell you guys about "tinsle butt"? My roomate tried pulling it out. The most pitiful meow I've ever heard.

mēgan said...

Apparently it had a huge goiter-type protrudance from the side of its face, and by the time I got home it had burst, or something. I'd say it was a medley of blood and mucus. Not at all something I wanted smeared all over my own face.

Poor tinsle-butt. But it makes for an amusing story :)