Thursday, April 27, 2006

I found a hideous centipede in my room today. It was crawing towards my keyboard (probably planning to go under the keys and die--they do that, you know).

I've been going through my room in an attempt to get rid of stuff before I move up a floor. In the process, I found THIS: The Ballad of the Scone-Hunters, which I wisely rejected as a contribution to my creative writing class last semester.

   "Just the place for a scone!" Antonio bemoaned
   As he handled his crate with care,
   Withdrawing from It a piece of bowsprit,
   While a mandal sat perched in his hair.

   "Just the place for a scone! I have said it twice,
   Though that's just an urban myth.
   Just the place for a scone! I have said it thrice.
   That ought to convince you forthwith."

   Antonio's men were all silent then.
   They were gathered for only one cause:
   Locate and obtain for their own selfish gain
   A scone; then applaud with "huzzah's."

   "Gosh, what's going on--there's something quite wrong"
   Antonio seemed to be saying.
   "After all this, the bloke who's amiss
   Would merit an untimely flaying."

   A man up above hollered down, "Sorry guv,
   But you are so unspeakably wise!
   I'll come down ASAP!" Then some other chap
   Quite littered the air with his "aye's."

Oh that Antonio. That's about where I gave up. Pretty much just a string of nonsense with several inside jokes embedded in it. And highly plagiarizing Lewis Carroll. But it doesn't contain nearly enough mathematical symbols.


prairie_lilly said...

hey meggie, don't know if it's just me, but when i load your site, your sidebar disappears...

was that purposeful, or more random deletions?

mēgan said... should still be there. Does it disappear entirely, or is it way down after all the posts? And moreover, is it still gone, because I fiddled a little with what I suspect is the problem.

KB said...

Did you draw an evil face on the bug? I must say that I am glad I fled the 'hell hole, that should be bombed and whistled to death' before the attack of the GIANT roaches that live in your cell.

mēgan said...

What'choo talkin' 'boot? The bug actually looked like that, evil face and all... that is to say, I found a picture of a bug on the inter-web and drew on it. But the real thing looked quite similar.

You know, I'm claiming that the bug crawled out of that candy bowl you gave me to babysit for the summer. And don't blame me if it dies while I'm taking care of it (the candy bowl, that is). At least you didn't leave your fish with me.

Anonymous said...

According to my calculations, that's actually a sowbug.


Anonymous said...

According to my calculations, that's actually a sowbug.


prairie_lilly said...

haha! indeed, the sidebar is at the bottom of the page behind the posts. so it's not gone... just misplaced. ^_^