Monday, August 07, 2006

Happy Saskatchewan Day!

I went out to the farm this weekend. It's Francis's 100th Anniversary this year, so there was a parade on Saturday. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera at home, so pictures of the parade and baby llamas and mangled augurs and whatnot will have to wait. As well as drawings. The parade was mostly dominated by old-fashioned tractors. It's not like the Chokecherry Festival at Lancer, where everyone marches down the street waving chokecherry branches, though. So I'll post the farm-weekend-pictures maybe next week or so.

Other than that, things are uneventful. Classes, work (due to a Saskatchewan Day Miracle, I had to come to work today. I don't really mind, I'm just complaining for Gil's sake)... yeah, pretty much just classes and work, classes and work, every day. And the nightmares. Oh, and in about 2 weeks I'll be homeless. I could do with less stress, maybe a vacation, maybe a little stability in my life, maybe some time just to try to appreciate life and find some meaning. You know, be a tiger instead of a slow elephant person...or something.

My greatest aspiration right now... is to someday create a graph as informative as this. So far I have failed.

Here are some toothpastefordinner comics that I feel are applicable:

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Anonymous said...

you're homeless in two weeks... i need a roomate in about two weeks... it's fate. you're destined to be my roomate. be tigerlike and fly out here to live with me!!


Aaanyways, I hope your nightmares stop - though they are likely to too much stress and worrying about impending homelessness. Enjoy what you're doing, regardless of what you're doing, and I miss you!