Saturday, August 19, 2006

You may have noticed that has been significantly renovated. It should work at all times now, even though a lot of it is being regularly hacked. I've found a way to co-exist peacefully with this hacker, so that everyone gets what they want. But, if you're still one of those Internet Explorer people, I vehemently urge you to consider Firefox. It's so much more superior in many ways; plus, Internet Explorer severely butchers the awesomeness of (turns the title into a big ugly block and the floating windows—i.e. most of the links—don't work). In fact, I find Firefox a heck of a lot faster than Safari, plus you can't beat tabbed browsing. That's Firefox folks; just click the highly conspicuous button on the sidebar.


Blake said...

uummm. There's no button on the sidebar.

Lapsura said...

oh what do you care, you already use Firefox

does anybody else not see it?

Anonymous said...

Alas, I must join the 'i don't see it' ranks. though i do know the wonders of firefox (though am guilty of using ie :S rick is forever trying to get me to change)

sorry i haven't said anything in a few days... the power supply on my comp decided to die so i am computerless for the moment (yay for rick and his!)

in case i'm not at rick's house in two days, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MEGGIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

(this also serves as warning to all ye fools who do not know the wonderousness and glory of the 21st of August. Ye are warned.)

your present is coming, though it may be a wee bit late. thanks in part to my ever-present procrastination and canada post. they get at least half the blame. stupid canada post. grar.

aaaanyways, happy birthday! call me, write me, come crash at my place, whatever! are you at home (farmland) now? if you are, i'll try to give you a call on your b-day.

edit: bah, tried to use firefox to post this entry, but for some reason the word verification thing didn't show up. see, it's sabatoging me! SABATOGING ME!!

Anonymous said...

I see the Firefox button on the sidebar; Megan's not crazy! Try updating Firefox, checking firewalls and script/ad-blockers, etc. The same thing might help with the missing word verification image, a problem I also had.


Anonymous said...

oops edit:
Switching from IE to Firefox is like taking off drunk glasses on the internet.