Monday, August 14, 2006

Two birds attacked me at once today. I should really stop walking that way back from class.
Here's some of the Francis 100th Anniversary Parade in pictures:

Old tractors led the way:

Then came the fire trucks/bus and grader:

I remember making this sign for a parade at least 5 years ago for the Ag Society (I could have sworn it was Francis's 100th Anniversary then). It looks suspiciously like they changed the date:

Some horses:

Young hooligans on bicycles:

Then the police came to break up the riot:

Well, there was a lot more to the parade than that; floats and things that threw candy (and even Santa on a quad) but I'm not going to post those. Now here's some llamas and chickens:

All these and other pictures are in the photo gallery.


Blake said...

Why do the llamas look like they're posing?

Gily said...

A fireschool bus?

Blake said...

Small town, the children have to help fight the fires.