Thursday, September 07, 2006

(non)Awesome Sauce

Am I the only person who doesn't think it's funny to take advantage of a person's phobias? First, you have to understand that I have a serious aversion—I would even say phobia—of sauces. I also detest the Col. Sanders bobblehead; his creepy face gives me the feeling that he just might kill me. There are more pictures of the episode in the Photo Gallery.


Blake said...

So, do you guys ever work or is it just potato salad all the time?

Anonymous said...

Gil, please stop harassing my girlfriend. It really isn't funny and she really doesn't like it. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I agree, it's VERY mean to do so. Alex used to 'pretend' that he was going to push me over bridges when i was walking across them. jerk. apparently it wasn't bad enough that i was hyperventilating because i'm so scared of heights.

leave poor meggie alone!

and yeah, the colonel is creepy but his chicken suure does taste good.

Anonymous said...

Ah... all y'all suck! None of you would know what funny is if it kicked you in the face on a sunny day.

By the way anonymous. There is a place to put your name.. use it!


Lapsura said...

Note to Gil: you're being uncivil, and we're not all bloggers here.

Anonymous said...

...ok ok .. but I include blogger wannabees in that pile as well