Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Oh those Britons

Drawings have been completely renovated. Still have to make a title for it though.

[edit: ...what should the title be?]

How would this be for a potential change?

Also: new music page.

And, the Britons have resumed calling me.


Anonymous said...

While I rather like the background change, I dislike the black borderlines on each side of the page. seems restrictive to me. but maybe if they were also in a similar sepia-type tone (akin to the picture) they would be less imposing?

Lapsura said...

Is anyone finding that the new pages scroll slowly?

Anonymous said...

Lapsura-test is also stylish. I can't post comments there though. Jerky or slow scrolling on pages with transparent overlay things was a problem I once had with an old version of Firefox; try updating it.


Anonymous said...

Not as good as my page.. but you are getting close. :D

.. but then again .. is there anything close to as cool as my page? I am so awesome!