Friday, December 29, 2006

"little man on the traffic light"

I can't wait until my domain expires. The blasted server is always down/hacked/not being awesome. And I can't figure out how to transfer the domain to another host. I just hope it expires when it's supposed to. I guess you get what you pay for.

Innumerable thanks to Ryan for helping get my Rhine score suitable for posting. Friggin enfoiblement.
  • Mozart's still cranking out new pieces

  • I love the Ampelmännchen. "Little man on the traffic light." I got a great Ampelmännchen shirt from a Berlin store that only sold Ampelmännchen-related items.

  • Longest song ever. 639 years, that is. "The actual performance commenced in the St. Burchardi church on September 5, 2001 with a pause lasting until February 5, 2003. The first chord was played from then until July 5, 2005. The latest sound from the organ was a three-note chord, A below middle C, C above middle C (A3-C4-Fis4) and F-sharp, which began on January 5, 2006 and concluded on May 5, 2006. The performance is planned to continue until September 5, 2640." Oh that John Cage.

  • I think my drawings may be broken. Can you see Dec. 30th's drawing? Man, I really need to host them elsewhere.
I'm terribly addicted to Facebook. (Fun fact: I tried making a facebook account for "Banjo Patterson," and it wouldn't let me. "Enter a real name," it said. wtf? Banjo Patterson is(was) a very famous Australian poet!)


Blake said...

nope. the 27th's the last I can see.

rt said...

Looks like the image hoster won't let you see the image, even though it's there.


rt said...

What domain are you using now? Did you pay for it?


Lapsura said...

I haven't changed anything—waiting for the domain to expire so I can actually purchase it so it's mine. But the drawings are all hosted on Blogger so I don't know why they suddenly won't show the images.