Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Burninating all those thatched-roof cottages

I love fire. You can erase a lot with fire. I've been going through my room getting rid of things, partly because I won't be hanging around doing nothing forever and I should really put things in order, partly because it's too cluttered to really do anything, and partly because I want to get rid of certain things and put everything in order before I have a stroke or something. Does anyone want a sheaf of drawings? Or perhaps a chapbook full of nonsense poems and old library drawings? No? INTO THE FIRE WITH THEM! (I am not an arsonist, I just find it fascinating that something can disappear forever. It's like toasters: you put in bread, and out comes toast. Where does the bread go?? Beats me.)

This was a new one for me: "This folder contains items whose name is too long for the Recycle Bin."

Christmas is so close... This will be the first year ever that all my siblings won't be together. It'll be a ... Christmas Miracle. Christmas has traditionally been my worst time of year: finals stress, good ol' winter depression, last year's fun times at the emergency. Hopefully most of that is school-related, and it will be the best Christmas ever.

41. stop being such a sarcastard
42. learn to play the guitar/violin/cello
43. get my gr. 10 piano


Anonymous said...

apparently we're opposites - this will be the first time that our whole family has had christmas together in about oh, four or five years. AND we'll all actually be together on Christmas day, which is even rare-er! First time it'll be all seven of us too, which will be a nice change.

though it's crappy that we all have to go to a funeral two weeks before Christmas. *sigh* what is it with my grandparents and Christmas? I know this is nitpicky and crappy, but well (excluding Grandpa Nell cause we didn't know him), Grandma died on December 16th (or was it the 14th?) and now Grandpa O died on December 9th. Christmas time and losing family sucks.

But on to brighter things - like fire ^_^ - i hope your holidays go really really well, and there's no debauchery or scandal. Oh, and by the way, what would a certain someone like for Christmas (yes, yes, I know it's really late to be asking, but i'm doing it anyways :P)

and how on earth can a folder name be too long to go to the recycling bin?!??

Lapsura said...

I'm sorry about your grandpa :( *hugs*

You have a great Christmas! Maybe I'll finally make it out to visit you soon :)

Anonymous said...

Oh no, don't burn the chapbooks! You could give them to people as Christmas presents.


Lapsura said...

second panel