Friday, December 15, 2006


One last article to go, then I will be done with deadlines and interviews and all that jazz. One benefit of freelancing is that I sometimes get to talk to interesting people. The final article is about an alumnus who is in Cirque du Soleil. Hmm, that's kind of neat, I think to myself. Turns out I got to interview Canada's world-famous clown Izzy. Pretty darn neat. The surprising thing is that I actually have heard of her before. But I still don't have enough words!
  • :0 My goodness, so much free sheet music here. They don't have Liszt's Vallee d'Oberman but I've finally located it elsewhere. Someday I will obtain it and learn to play it.

  • mobius bottle!! In one end and out the other... to infinity! I like their suggestion for cleaning it: "Expose the water (but not the glass) to a beam of pure antimatter."

  • Ich bin ein Kaboodler. From which you may notice there's a new lapsura store. (For future expansion or elimination.)


Amy said...

Have you looked up other articles/information about her on the internet? Might give you some ideas... Or can you only write about what you asked her?

Lapsura said...

Well I already finished it and sent it off for approval. And yes, she had a lot of bio information on her website.

Anonymous said...

"Acme's unconditional guarantee has the condition that we do not warrant any Klein bottle against the actions of cats, ferrets, or axolotls. We will NOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE for any incidents relating to these beasts of burden whatsoever in any form or spatial dimension."

That reminds me, I need to renew my axolotl insurance. Anti-axolotl insurance, you might call it.


Lapsura said...

But they look so harmless, and cute! I guess the harmless-looking ones are the ones most likely to eat your face off. Like Bigfoot. I didn't realize they could be beasts of burden though.