Monday, June 26, 2006

Aw, gosh... I missed the LBC Banana Relay fundraiser. I love banana relays...not that I've actually been in one for many a year. Last summer I got to be in charge of the card game segment, where kids would run and run until they got to me, and I'd throw a deck of 82 cards all over the ground and make them pick it up before they could go on. Another time I buried matches in the sand in the beach, and the kids had to find them so that they could run a mile more and light a fire. And then after all the kids had come by and we were still on the beach, I tried to see if you can light one match off another by rubbing the heads can, but it's best if you don't have a handful of matches. My whole bundle of matches went up in flames. Actually...maybe it's a good thing I wasn't in the fundraiser.
My Lit Theory prof talked at me about doing honours again today. Maybe that's what I ought to do, before I think about doing a Master's. Perhaps.

So who else is willing to finance my decision to always write "Crakespeare" instead of "Shakespeare" on my Shakespeare final this evening?


Blake said...

a deck of 82 cards? Are they special Dutch cards?

But seriously, $20 for Crakespeare. I wonder if they'd still want you to do honours after that?

Amy said...

You should have put the mean bee on the back of the shirt.

They'd probably take off marks spelling. Seeing as how it's english and all.

Lapsura said...

The cards were just a few decks thrown together, obviously with a lot of them missing. There were at least three Aces of Spades.

By the way Amy, the secret of where the inventions come from must remain a secret!

Anonymous said...

No it mustn't!