Monday, June 26, 2006

Done! And I even wrote "Crakespeare" in my exam (except I only used it once...I got nervous. But I sure didn't say "Shakespeare" at all in the exam. For all the prof knows, I'm under the impression that all the plays we've taken during this entire Shakespeare course were written by someone named Crakespeare). And I even went for a walk...outside...after my exam (but not for long; there were mosquitos and I was carrying books).

Hopefully I won't neglect the Literary Theory page I started, but I must say, I just might never think about literary theory again.

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Blake said...

You're dangerous, Maverick!...only one Crakespeare? I don't know if that's worth 20 bucks. But I am glad you went outside and did your part to feed the starving mosquitos. Did you know that in some parts of the world one dies every second? I killed at least 20 myself.