Sunday, June 11, 2006

Been doing pretty much nothing but reading for classes this weekend. I read the whole Feminism section in only 8 or 9 hours! Gosh I hate Feminism. I think it's just an urban myth. Feminists frighten me as much as bobble-head dolls (which I've also been threatened with an unusual amount lately...blasted Colonel Sanders).

I also got a letter from the Physics Department: "I encourage you to continue on in your university studies, especially in Physics. ... We hope to see you in intermediate and advanced Physics courses in the future."

It would appear that I'm suddenly registered in an anthropology (although I majored in Anthropology for my very first three days of university). I really wish I could take World Music instead, but it's off-campus.

It just occurred to me that the Britons haven't called in a long time...I feel snubbed.

Back to homework now.

P.S. drawings are now located here.


Anonymous said...

yay for productivity! and i think feminists scare all of us. damn feminists.

i have been utterly useless over the past few days. stupid neck. apparently i have torticollis... and my neck won't work. but i think they're gonna stick me with a needle to relax my neck muscles today. oh how fun. =/

Lapsura said...

Gosh, that's not behooveful at all...go for the botox! I hope you're feeling better soon

Blake said... broken again?

Lapsura said...

It seems to work intermittently... also not behooveful.