Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Woot! Last day of classes. Now I have time to make beep-beep sounds. In literary theory today, someone brought up some point or other about Shakespeare, and the prof said, "But Shakespeare isn't art," and I accidentally laughed out loud (I was the only one). Apparently, she meant that Shakespeare is a person, and his writing is art, but I thought she was just commenting on how Shakespeare is actually crappy. And then in Crakespeare class we watched the BBC version of King Lear, and I laughed out loud in that, too. Well gosh, if it's a tragedy then they shouldn't be saying "Boo hoo. Boo hoo," should they?

I set up my computer so that I can talk to it, but it doesn't listen very well. It often ignores me because of my accent ("Accent?" you say. "What accent?" Well, you've got to talk in a German accent if you're ordering your computer to "launch ze nucleah missiles"). And I'll be in the middle of typing something and it will suddenly paste everything on the clipboard into my document (it's happened twice while I've been typing this post), and then I'll be listening to some music and it will suddenly tell me a knock knock joke. Oh, and it's name is Banjo. You have to say "Banjo" before you give it a command.

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Blake said...

And does "Banjo" tell you to do things? Things that might hurt others? Has anyone else met "Banjo"?