Friday, July 14, 2006

After half an hour of patiently talking a customer through what should have been a one minute process, she finally stated, "Oh! Now it says, 'Are you sure you want to rebuild the desktop on the disk XXX?'"
  • Tech Support: "Ok--"
  • Customer: "Oh, now there's something like a spinning barber pole on the screen."
  • Tech Support: "You didn't press 'OK' did you?"
  • Customer: "Yes. You said 'OK'."
  • Tech Support: (acting alarmed) "I just said 'Ok,' I didn't mean for you to press 'OK'!"
  • Customer: (panicking) "What should I do now?"
  • Tech Support: "Run! Get out of there! Run! Run!"
The next thing he heard was the phone hitting the floor, the sound of rapidly retreating footsteps, and a door slam. After numerous calls over the course of an hour, the customer finally answered the phone. She had waited outside for an hour -- when the computer didn't explode, she went back inside and unplugged it.


Anonymous said...

LOL OMFG Hilarious!!!

that shall be my grand amusement for the week

oh, and as an addenum, your pic on your site doesn't ever interfere with text. at least for me. and i have a normal, lcd screen.

Blake said...

me too.

Gily said...

I am still disappointed that you snuffed V,X & Z .. they have feelings too!