Sunday, July 16, 2006

I went to my parents' farm today. Here's some token beeface pictures, and Jaden being awesome:


My sister and her baby were also there. The only problem with that is that she likes to change him on my bed. I hate going home to a garbage-can-full of dirty diapers.

In my anthropology class, we talked about "cultural categories" and how people will starve even though there's edible things around, just because they don't consider them to be food. I still think this is going a bit far. We also talked about Santa Clause, and how back in the good ol' days there used to be two Santa-like characters: one who gave toys to good kids, and one who came around and beat the bad kids.


Blake said...

mmmm. testicular! I think most "delicacies" are things you eat when you're starving or you'll die. And then someone thought "Hey! I can sell this to people and call it a delicacy!" Sea slugs and pigs testicles!? Seriously, someone thought that they looked GOOD to eat!?

Amy said...

I thought the bee Jaden drew was a cyclops. A beeclops, as it were. How come he can smile normally for you? Just because he's rubbing corpses on his face.

Lapsura said...

Because he's genuinely smiling when I take pictures of him. You can tell because his eyes are twinkling.