Monday, July 31, 2006

What with full-time classes and near-full-time work...hobbies are going by the wayside. Drawings will likely no longer be daily, though I'll still try to post them at times. Music will likely not be happening anymore too, though I do have a couple songs that I might post at some point. I really miss Midweekend... 9am to 9pm EVERY FREAKIN' DAY is getting old really quick. I no longer have time for homework. But the GraphMaster will not be defeated.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should do a graph of General Behoof vs. Relaxation vs. Midweekend Frequency.


Blake said...

Was this the same cat Schrodinger used? Because I'm not sure if it's alive or not. I think the cat could only land on its feet if it were alive. But if it were dead then it would land butter side down.

Lapsura said...

You're just speculating. Come back when you have some empirical evidence.