Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Classes start today. Lit Survey II should be ok, at least. I have to make UofR give me my scholarship, because if they don't then I sure don't want to take anthropology.

I'm so sick of residence. I wish I was anywhere else. But it looks like I'll be here a long, long time (in general, not just Luther specifically). But next year I've been invited to go to Paris for two or three weeks, so that's something to look forward to I guess.


Anonymous said...

Europe is ALWAYS something to look forward to you. I still need to get out there.

still trudging along with classes out here. but hey, at least you're done with crakespeare, right? :P

I've found that writing for psychology is a joke. i put little effort in, write as I normally write, and get good marks and overly-enthousiastic comments back. not that i want them to stop, but yeesh, i'm not that good of a writer.

oh, and again, speaking of writing, should we look into publishing our book?

Lapsura said...

We should indeed. But I know nothing about how to go about publishing a book. I should really dig out my copy and reread it, I forget how it goes!

Gily said...

Are you saying that you were not liking the music I was playing :(

Amy said...

What"s all this about being there forever? Are you going to do a masters or something after all? Don"t worry, I"ll save you! It"s Boy.. of Dessstiny to the rescue!

Gily said...

maybe you and amy should move in together :D