Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Midweekend was pretty awesome today.

I finally got my long-awaited migraine medication. But it's doubly awesome, because not only did the doctor give me a prescription for the stuff I specifically requested (which is retarculously expensive: it would have been over $100 for 6 pills - that's $15 per pill! - every month (and I'm only allowed to take 6 pills per month), but thanks to special status in the drug plan, I only have to pay 23% of that), but she also gave me some preventative medication too to take every day (only $2.73/month!).

I also went shopping, and got a variety of clothes in varying shades of brownness. I think most of what I own is brown. I know, I always look the same. But today I got some (brown) skirts too (the fortune cookie was wrong).

New drawings have commenced.


Amy said...

You were supposed to put the honor in there, crossed out. Or possibly just photographed the actual fortune cookie.

Gily said...

i like pants.

.. and yeah .. what the hell is with the shades of brown? Go live in 1978 why don't ya.

Anonymous said...

Such behovely new drawings.