Wednesday, April 05, 2006

$97.92 in freakin' import charges?! wtf?? It's freakin' tiny!! My gosh, if it doesn't freakin' work...there will be some serious fist-shaking at the skies. (Too many "freakin's?" I'm just restraining myself from stronger words.) But if it does work satisfactorily, it'll sure beat using Reason on the Crortputer--I mean Bortputer. I'm just unimpressed with the whole dL. I had a heck of a time arranging with the blasted company to send it in the first place, then arranging my shipping address with my bank (really, why the heck does it matter if my billing address is different from my shipping address?). That whole process took roughly three weeks. Yesterday they brought it to residence, but residence staff wasn't going to pay the charges, so they took it away again. Today it comes in a huge dented box, and it turns out to be half the size I expected it to be. And the microphone kind of sucks. Boo-urns!

The Britons have started calling my cellphone again, and are leaving more menacing messages than ever. But I'll be damned before I tell them it's the wrong number. Maybe if they'd stop using automated messages, my voicemail would tell them that I am not "Ingrid Natasha," or whoever it is they're after.

In happier(?) news...I was on my way to class this morning when it occurred to me that I was about an hour late. That's why I'm not in charge around here. But my prof thought it was the wrong year, and thought it was our last class today...and decreed that it was the last day of class. woot! That's why she's in charge...but I still have homework to do before the final.

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