Sunday, April 23, 2006

Guess how many times this had been forwarded before it got to me:

>>>> >> >>>>
>>>> >> >>>>so i know
>>>>we all hate these things by now but at least this
>>>> >>one
>>>> >> >>>>had an actual name on the bottom not just a
>>>> >>feel
>>>> >> >>>>better
>>>> >>if it had an email address so i could email and
>>>> >> >>>> the way if you check they have
>>>> >>on
>>>> >> >>>>it about this but whatever this is IT for me!
>>>> >>
>>>> >>>>____________________________________________

Right. Msn is requiring all hotmail users to spread spam. I know a certain someone who is going to be henceforth redirected directly to the trash. Who needs hotmail anyway? Gmail's where it's at.

English and Latin turned out well after all--still waiting on Astronomy and Music. Just one more final on Tuesday (physics--also a high potential in that class...just like there was in astronomy). Finals tend to make me moody and generally upset. I've done almost every single practice problem I've attempted incorrectly so far. Someone on my quad appears to be trying to learn how to whistle--all I hear all the time is this airy monotone whistling that's quite annoying. My loud neighbour told me to keep it down today, and I think I just about started crying...or laughing hysterically. It's hard to tell which. I hope they all move out soon.


Anonymous said...

wwhhoooooooot...whhoooooooooooooot...WHAT IN BLOODY 'ELL is that RACKET? I know the feeling mEgan...'twas a glorious day when the 'beast' left. Anyways, I am loving the giant hare, is there any possibility that he could be added to the silent movie? I think it would be great if he crushed the other bunnies. Ok Peace out sista!

Lapsura said...

Well, the giant were-rabbit thing has been done, so I dunno if that'll work...

I should have taken a bunch of pictures of you before you left! You are the star of every silent film, after all. Or at least of "Plan Bunny." I'll require a picture of you whistling.

Yes, all the beasts are gone. I'm all alone! *Sob!* Tea party at your place.

Later Banjooooooo
Oh yeah! Summer Banjo Club!

P.S. the word verification is harepi. Hare Pie. Giant, perhaps?