Sunday, April 09, 2006

Woot woot! Thanks to Ryan, my U of R website is functional...but exceeding disk space after roughly 25 MB. Not even enough room to upload a new index. So perhaps I'll wait out the week for my other website to mature. But I'm sure you'll concur that my UR website is possibly the best website ever.

I went to my parents' farm today, and on the way back I saw a considerable mass of geese. Except it was more impressive in person. And then, when I returned to Regina, I found this in my room (I have divided the spoils into four categories):

It's an Easter Miracle

Minus one chocolate bunny (which belongs in the chocolate pile, of course). My Mom got me a case of juice for Easter instead of the usual chocolate bunny this year. *very dejected "woooot"* I've gotten to a point where the thought of candy (of any kind) sort of sickens me. I suppose that's not an entirely bad thing.

Luthies night tonight. Last year there was only one Luthie award per quad, but this year each had like five or six. But no awards for me. I feel only slightly unloved this year. I thought there was a little too much self-advertising guitar-playing going on, and far too much clapping and cheering and general noise. But then, I'm bitter and my head aches.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, I know precisely what you require. Umm, an Easter ... orange. Oh yes, you love oranges. In fact I have two.

We saw heaps of geese from the top of the Classroom building last week when we had the pizza dinner. There must have been many thousands of them. I'm surprised none of them collided with each other.

Haha, so apple != food, eh?

Recent studies have shown that if you hear anyone sing one folk/country/generic song with an acoustic guitar, you have in effect heard them all.


Lapsura said...

According to my calculations, flocking geese must be roughly equivalent to galaxies. When galaxies collide, the chance of individual stars colliding is actually close to zero. They tend to pass by each other.

I'm really going to miss astronomy class!

Lapsura said...

Also, although I don't really like big oranges, I've been forcing myself to eat them lately, just so I don't get scurvy in this terrible, terrible place.

And I will probably eat the apple. Unless you want it...?

Anonymous said...

No, apples != food. Too crunchy. I advise you to take mine.

So, you must have cleaned your floor for that photo, eh?


Lapsura said...

Ha ha! Just a little piece of it...but now there's candy mingled with all the paper and textbooks all over the floor. Soon I will be able to get rid of it all.

Amy said...

Yes, get rid of all the floor.

At first I thought that was a flock of bees. My mistake.

Anonymous said...

feel very very free to pass your inedibles on to me ^_^

i will thusly *discard* of them for you.

and we MUST hang out upon my return to the saskabush!

Lapsura said...

That we must indeed. Moreover....we will.