Wednesday, April 19, 2006

It's Day 3 of my 3-day final exam festival. English went very well--I think, though the prof thought my last paper was "too disdainful." Latin went pretty awesome too, but there were three essays in addition to the translation that I'm sure she'll find ways to deduct marks on. Today is astronomy, which I should have studied most for of all three exams. Now it's three hours before the exam, I don't know anything I need to, I can't remember the diagrams and formulas I memorized yesterday, I was going to study this morning but ended up sleeping in in an effort to ward off a migraine, and my right eye hurts too much to keep it open right now. And I can't find my calculator. I'm going into the exam with 99.3%. Think of the awesome mark I could have had! Tonight I have to finish my income tax return so the tax-posse doesn't come after me, then I have an entire week to study for physics, so that will probably go well.

Now, back to studying. Or possibly sleeping. Or at the very least, searching for my calculator.


Amy said...

The tax posse doesn't care if you don't file on time unless you owe them money. They can't charge you a penalty on what you owe if you don't owe anything.

However, I prefer to file on time just in case. I keep hoping they'll be less likely to audit me again if I don't make waves.

Lapsura said...

They've audited you before?

Two years ago I finished my return, then gave it to Dad to take to that guy's (you know, the guy. Pretending to be an accountant or something). Then Dad took it home and filed it safely away in the filing cabinet. Then several months later I got a letter from the tax-posse. I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure they threatened to come "encourage" me with their axes to file my return. True Roman style.

Anonymous said...

I think true Roman style would be for them to bring you to one of those co-ed naked pool parties they always threw. Considering what most of the tax posse, and accountants look like, I believe it is a form of creul and unusual punishment.

But it'd sure get you to file your taxes.


I was totally going somewhere awesome with this comment. Hrmm. Double-damn my hummingbird attention span!

Lapsura said...

Oh, you mean one of these co-ed naked pool parties. So that's what that was all about. Blasted Romans.

We'll try to imagine where your comment was going. I'm sure we'll really, I really have to find that comic and upload it. Nobody knows what I'm talking about.