Thursday, April 20, 2006

Well, the Astronomy exam went worse than expected, if that's possible. I just may have failed it. It's definitely the worst I've ever done on an exam, at any rate, and the only time I've even been close to failing. Oddly enough, this class was my favourite out of the entire four years I've been here (except that field trip to Paris and Berlin). Good thing it's a completely superfluous class--I can't even use it as an elective.

My stomach has not recovered from yesterday. I suspect I gave myself an ulcer or something. Who knew that 16 ibuprofens in one day could be harmful? It's not even three times the maximum recommended daily dose.

And now, for your listening pleasure, I present to you Florence Foster Jenkins, from The Glory(????) of the Human Voice:


Amy said...

A couple times when I had week-long migraines in high school, I would eat 2 extra strength tylenol each hour so that my head wouldn't hurt enough to make me cry. I had to keep up with the once per hour schedule or I'd have to spend the entire hour in horrible pain, instead of just 45 minutes of each hour. I'm glad I don't get those any more.

Blake said...

Which Astronomy was it? Sadly, I almost failed Astr 201. but that was because I never went to class, cause it was my "easy" class that semester. Good thing the let me teach the Astr 101 labs now. Hah!

Anonymous said...

I saw these cartoons, and I thought of you. Enjoy!

Lapsura said...

It was ASTR 202. We were allowed to take handouts into the final, so the exam was nothing like the assignments. I'm sure Dr. Beech was aghast at the terrible job I did on it. "Well done on the assignments. You don't have anything to worry about in the grand scheme of things."

Ryan (in shepard's clothes), have you ever seen toothpastefordinner cartoons? That's what got me started with mine.