Tuesday, January 16, 2007

And the SMEF returns for good

Arrrrg, I hate my stupid unreliable server that occasionally (like all this week so far) disappears. I can't wait until it expires. I want my domain back! I have several music scores that need posting.

I'm so craving a sandwich right now, but the last thing I ate felt like I was swallowing saw blades—no exaggeration. Mmmmm, toothy.
  • Oh my... volunteering to be tazered, are we? He looks slightly pained.

  • Whoa there, Iran? Why am I always behind the times? Back in the 9/11 days when I had no TV, I was all "what, Iraq? You mean Afghanistan, right?" There is no logic. Once again, I maintain this. Damn hypocrisy.

  • "We both know there are no guaranteed cures, whether in medicine, nutrition, herbs or anything else. Complete healing...including mind, body and spirit...is possible, from God. If you want God's help with your health problem, go to Help From God." ?! You call this medical advice?? So does God have a blog or something where I could maybe add my name to some waiting list? So much crap on the internet. I guess I'm adding a lot to it though, so I shouldn't complain.

  • A BC Ferries sign

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