Monday, January 08, 2007

Weery = wary + leary

Lots and lots of time spent on the computer lately has apparently increased my nerd score:
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Before I went to Paris, my Mom convinced me that most people are pickpockets. Then in Paris, I steered well clear of anyone loitering around on sidewalks, which is why I didn't have the fun adventures with bracelet-sellers and such that certain other people had. Since then I've always been paranoid that people I pass on the sidewalk will try to mug me, but I'm pretty sure now that that's not true. Everybody I pass these days just smiles, or sometimes strikes up a conversation. Life is easier when you're not weery of people. (I'm fond of that word—weery—try to guess what I mean by it.)


Amy said...

I take it from your usage that you mean leery. The monkey fingers you are using are too fat. Otherwise, I'd guess you mean weary and leery. Do I win? What's the prize?

Lapsura said...

Good guess, half right. NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR A PRIZE.

Blake said...

Is it like leery, but you pee yourself? wee-ry

rt said...

It's wary. I get a prize!


Blake said...

I was right but it seems there was no prize. I feel gypped. Some prizisming person she is! ):<

Lapsura said...

Oh, quit your floccinaucinihilipilificationisming.

Wary is correct. Where's the stipulation that there would be a prize?