Tuesday, January 30, 2007

And shall they pay me? (may for shall... what, you don't know obscure Lewis Carroll references?)

So I'm now enrolled in the Conservatory here. I only registered for one class, though. I was considering taking up a new instrument, but then I discovered how much I just paid for that one class. Bloody Hell. Probably because I picked the theory/comp department head as my tutor. If I can do amazing enough in this class (highly doubtful), maybe I'll try to tackle some of the next classes on my own.

I also expect to be accepted into grad studies pretty soon, as in, it's inconceivable that I wouldn't be, now that they have all my documents. I dimly recall saying that I would definitely go if I was accepted. Further qualification: if it's financially feasible. Meaning, they'd better darn well pay me to go. A Master's degree of any kind is, in my opinion, useless in and of itself. I'm not going to pay to listen to profs Crakespasming for two years, and then be right back where I am today. If I don't get to do research (assistant style) or TAing or tutor-mentoring or heck even marking, there's no point in going.
  • Lovely, I received a job offer from my favourite type of workplace: a call center! Enjoy a career with our company and enjoy many... "Benefits & Perks!" Maybe they'd consider hiring me to improve that slogan.

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Amy said...

I read that as "heck even barking." I think if you get on as a TA, you should do some barking.