Saturday, January 27, 2007

You must see this

  • Everyone should be required to watch this video on Global Dimming. Please. I'll bet you've never even heard of Global Dimming before.

  • Well glory be, I'm on page 3!

  • MySpace! Xanga! Umm... let's see what else can I add... I really just wanted to find somewhere to upload the Numa Numa dance and possibly the Screech Fire. Will maybe get around to that. The Xanga site is theoretically going to be my writing page. For whenever I want to pretend I'm a writer.
This is what I've been doing lately:
  1. Banjo Cuttlebort, ____ is the new manager of the Antonio Sporting Centre, arrived in Quebec City last week.
    • (A) he
    • (B) who
    • (C) which
    • (C) that


Amy said...

I would remove the "_ is" part altogether. Removal is the best form of clarity.

Lapsura said...

That would defeat the entire purpose though. (It's for testing ESL-type students.)

Blake said...

congratulations, again. I can't believed you actually used macrocosm in a sentence. Macrocosm...really!?

Lapsura said...

I didn't actually say any of that stuff. They just typed it up, sent it to me for my approval, then published it.

No just kidding.

Lapsura said...

I should have said "macrocosming," or, even better, "macrocosmisming."

Blake said...

"Hey, what are you doing!!"
"Oh, I see. Well, keep at it then"