Saturday, January 20, 2007

Damn this internet

January 29-February 2 is Week of Climate Action! (ohhhh... I missed the Royal Roads viewing of An Inconvenient Truth by thiiis much... no wait, more like thiiiis much. Aha, I can still make two more Global Warming lectures. Show those Facebookers what for.)

My gosh, I could do without any sense (especially ESP) as long as I had my hearing. Damn I love that ocean of sound. You know, the one that washes over you when you're in rehearsal and you stop singing for just a second and you're pretty sure you'd be buoyant if you just let yourself fall forwards... yeah I still remember that. Oh my word.

Haha, my webhost has now completely disappeared, there is no longer even a logon page. Haha, I forgot to make a backup after I converted everything to php. Haha, haha, I'm hysterical with all this banging my head against the wall.

Facebook is addicting, but my groups are infested with complete assholes, rabid ignoramuses, and general jerks (excluding Herpelhode, of course, which you should join because it's starting to be a repeat of every group I've ever created...p.s. join my groups, dammit). Rage approaching upper limit. More head banging. I'd better stay away from that Government + Religion = Disaster group. I don't have the energy to suppress the urge to kick baptists in the shins.


rt said...

Arguing with people on the internet is a general waste of time, unless you somehow enjoy it I guess.


Lapsura said...

Hmm, I was trying to see if was available (of course not, because it's obviously been sucked into its own black hole—curse the day I built that black hole!) and they suggested that I might like to try "" instead.

Blake said...

You'd probably get more hits for "". Increase your readership and whatnot.

rt said...

According to my calculations, they are showing "An Inconvenient Truth" there again on Feb. 20. It's probably also rentable by now.


Lapsura said...

Welcome... to crotchsura... this is... crotchsura... (in classic zombo style, of course!)

Amy said...

Why don't you look for a choir there to join? The university probably has a chamber choir, or if they're not taking any members they should know of other good choirs in the city.

Or you could create your own choir, and call it choirsura. Or crotchsura. And then you'd have a website for your choir, and a theme song. It's win-win.