Sunday, January 14, 2007

National De-lurking Week

It's National De-lurking Week!

So if you are a:
  • lurker
  • loiterer
  • layabout
  • passerby
  • peripatetic
  • skulker
  • just curious
  • otherwise furtive
  • all of the above
you must post a comment at this time or I will be terribly devastated. It's a general requirement.


Blake said...

this de-lurking thing seems to be a failure

Lapsura said...

You started it. I blame you.

Blake said...

It must be because your site is still broken. You should fix that. :)

Amy said...

I'm on the lurk. And also your site is painful. I've linked to your, but it comes to a list that doesn't actually lead anywhere, but is slow and keeps referring to some other site. I know my explanation isn't very helpful, and doesn't do my load of frustration justice, but you know what I mean. I hope. Because then you can fix it! Hooray!

Lapsura said...

The list you see is supposed to be in drop-down menu form. Also, the drawings blog links to the new drawing archives on There are no more archived drawings blogs. The reason there is still a drawings blog at all is that a lot of lurkers (not you, real actual lurkers that I don't know) regularly visit it, and although I keep making signs and announcements and large exclamation points people never seem to notice/follow/understand/believe them. (As well they shouldn't, for reasons explained below.) But new drawings will only be posted on the site, though I haven't made any drawings for a woefully long time. The blog looks so crappy because it uses stylesheets hosted on I just fixed that now, but it looks like blogger refuses to display any of the drawings, so the drawings blog is pretty much useless. If you want to see drawings, you will only find them here, at such time as it should choose to work.

The site is painful because it's going through one of its SMEF phases. I deleted two dozen blogs and moved everything to for several reasons (bah, stupid blogger won't even let me make a list): 1. I wanted the site to be all unified; 2. I can only host the lapsionary, lapsisaurus, and upcoming musical terms lapsipedia on the host; 3. I have changed these resources into php based pages, which I can't do with blogger. When I get real hosting it will be okayer, but until then I have to put up with the SMEF host.

rt said...

If you want to instantly redirect someone to a different page, you can use

header('Location: gohere.html');

in PHP, or in html a tag

CONTENT="5; URL=gohere.html"


Lapsura said...

I doubt the primordial nuclear synthesis of that statement!