Thursday, February 22, 2007

Blyarg, I thought I had a really great thing going with my new drawings site, but apparently I can't upload any more jpgs to it even though I have precisely 1958.5 MB of free space, because they're probably under the impression that I'm just hoarding hosting space. The Internet is out to get me, probably because I impersonate them in order to send menacing emails. From: and all that. So, today's drawing is brought to you by the letter L:

We were supposed to be training at Dolce Vita from Monday to Sunday of this week, but they decided that tonight would be the last training night, and even then we didn't do training but filled out forms. That is, the other two trainees did that. I got called in to actually work a shift today. First one on the job! I win!

So I kind of got thrown into things today. I also made tons of mistakes and won myself many a reprimand, but I guess that's how you learn (not me, I never learn). My feet are killing me—I don't know how this is going to be, full time. And I think it will be a lot tougher now that my Dolce Vita Sister dropped out of training :'( And, my tie is now made of panini oil.


Blake said...

I saw the website. Do you have to make all the pretty designs? Coffee art!? You're so talented!

Lapsura said...

No, the baristas make all the espresso drinks, and they're super talented. One of them likes to do caricatures of people, and some emo girl was ecstatic about that because she had "never been in a coffee before." I just make tea.

Bijoy said...

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