Monday, February 19, 2007

If only I were the ent

My sister-in-law had her baby last night. This will be the third nephew. I shall call him "Octavian." Unless they name him something else, but that would be a pity (unless it's "Soda," of course, which would be pretty awesome).

Ryan and I went to see Strauss's Daphne the other day. It was the first non-Classical opera I've seen yet, and was pretty Wagnerian in approach (i.e. full of Leitmotifs, through-composed, no arias, etc). My favourite part was when Apollo struck down the shepherd with a light sabre... or a lightning bolt, one of the two. I also liked the ent. Seeing operas always makes me really really wish I was the one on stage. I could have been Daphne. Gosh.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should sing some more songs then!


Blake said...

Why aren't you the one on stage? Hmm? I'm sure you'd make a good ent. ;)

Amy said...

I would also accept Thody, or Thoda.

Why not look into some anyone-can-try-out operas there? They must have something where auditions are open to the public. You could be the light sabre.