Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sugar neutralizes the poison in coffee. Put more in, more!

I'm two days into training at Dolce Vita now. The practice orders we've been taking have been ridiculously complicated and unrealistic (I hope), but I've been holding up ok. Wish my memory was better. I believe we tentatively (and tentacularly... wait, Firefox says that should be spelled "intermolecularly") open on March 1. I'll have to miss part of both my theory lesson and training tonight. Last night I got a complimentary latte which kept me up until well past 6 this morning :S Note to self: Dolce Vita puts far more espresso in their drinks than any other place. Tradition, and all.

I've resurrected the phototoons. They take much less time to make than drawings. I always forget great new drawings ideas anyways, but my phototoons don't make any pretense at being funny.

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