Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I do not think this job is for me. I hate being told to come in to work early the next morning. I especially hate being woken up and asked to come in to work in two hours. I hate the short notice. I'm sick of being called "Maygan," despite many corrections. I really hated writing down the days I'm supposed to work this week, exactly as it was told to me over the phone, then being called today and told "you were supposed to work today. It's ok this time, but next time..." Sure, it's ok with him because he's cool, but I bet I'll get thrashed about it tomorrow. I also hate every minute of the job itself. I hate the migraines that I've been getting all week. I hate the $70/hour that I partially forfeited from music lessons (which I absolutely LOVE) just to go to stupid training (which I hated). I hate being on the verge of tears when the owner says "you can use your brain." And a pat on the shoulder doesn't quite make it right either. I hate counting the hours until I have to get up at 5:30 to go somewhere I don't want to be, then counting the hours until I can leave. I will hate life (even more than usual) if this continues. Guess I'm just a hateful person. But seriously, what kind of coffee place doesn't have normal decaf drip coffee??

At least someone likes me. My old freelance employer phoned up my Mom asking if I'd like to be their webmaster starting in the summer. :0 Webmaster! Like... my ideal job. I really hope I get it when summer rolls around. She was also saddened to learn that I had moved, because she thought I was an awesome freelancer.

At one point I had been thinking "hey, I've just got this great new job... well I might as well just skip the grad school and go ahead and just work here forever!" Talk about your addled brains. I must get that SSHRC so I can go to grad school!

Today's Analysis lesson was great as usual. I did my Mozart sonata of the week perfectly (as soon as he had finished marking it, my teacher said "Ok. go sign up for the exam.") The Mr. Brown quote of the week: "This is stupid." He said that while trying to find a minor-7th chord in his own composition. Yess! A composer who obviously doesn't pay much attention to silly chords and progressions rules! I bet it bugs him when RCM asks all those stupid questions about his pieces in their exams.

Heheh... in other news, I am a "diabolical genius." That is causing me endless amusement.

And, if you're in the Victoria area tomorrow (which I doubt):

Bike, Jog or Wheel with David Suzuki to Mile Zero in Victoria!

You're invited to join him as he completes the last kilometre of his journey across Canada.

WHEN: 9:30 a.m., Wednesday, February 28
WHERE: Meet at the Cenotaph under the large Canadian flag at the corner of the grounds of Legislative Building
WHAT TO BRING: Your bike!
COST: Free

The plan is to ride or jog along with Dr. Suzuki for the last kilometre of his tour and arrive at the Terry Fox statue at Mile 0 just after 10 a.m.

I won't be going, because I have to be at work. ):<

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rt said...

But if you didn't have to work, I bet you would be sleeping in. ;)