Thursday, February 15, 2007

As long as I don't have to handle sauce...

I applied to Starbucks the other day. Starbucks. I have a Bachelor's degree (and a President's medal to accompany it) and yet one of my greatest aspirations has long been to work in a coffee shop. But what's a Bachelor's degree anyway? "So, do you have any cafe experience?" asks Starbucks. "Why no! None at all!" I reply. "Aha, well, yes, well... er, we actually just hired someone else."

But thank the Ganges I applied there! As I sat morosely sipping my frappucino (actually, I was enthusiastic about the frappucino, they're so tasty; but generally morose), I happened to notice a huge sign blaring at me from across the street: "HIRING BARISTAS ON SUCH-AND-SUCH DAY AND TIME." What luck! And to think, I was about to apply to Save-On on my way home.

Along came the day, and I boldly boarded the bus and walked right up to the building (and nearly walked right on by to catch a bus straight home... I panicked! Who'd hire me?). I went in for my interview and, since I didn't think I had much of a chance, I had no fear. And towards the end one of the interviewers says... "I can tell you right now that I'm very impressed." Very impressed? With me? Nobody has ever said that to me, at least not an employer-type person.

And that was that; as of today I am hired to my first long-term job.

And now the problem... what about grad studies? Applying to grad school and for the SSHRC was damn stressful and a heck of a lot of work, which means this is my only shot at it. And what about music? Here I was all ready to undertake an intensive 3-year stint of classes and exams to come out with a certificate in composition—what I have truly always wanted. Well, the music is probably doable, though on a much longer time-frame.

Can I do all three? During the past month of idleness, I swore to myself that I would welcome busyness, and that when it came I wouldn't complain even if I only had a few hours' time for sleep each night. At least this job won't be as stressful as the last (I'm guessing... hard to imagine, at any rate) and I might eventually get to be a barista, making unpotable drinks at international competitions and whatnot... no, I've got to keep the music in, somehow.

And the other day marked the 50th Briton call! I actually answered once, but it was just the same old machine message so I ignored it.


Blake said...

congratulations on the new job! I'm not sure how far barista is above layabout though. :p If you're still working there in July you'll have to make me a potable potion of some sort.

Amy said...

Be happy, I worked at McDonalds after getting a Bachelor in Engineering. And who knows, you may love the job. Do what you love. I liked working at Panago (the making pizza part, not the managing part) much better than any job I've had in my field so far.

You'll find time to do what you want, you don't have to do everything right now. You have years to do things. The rest of your life, in fact.

Lapsura said...

Er... I won't be a barista. But I could still concoct some sort of potion for you.

And you know what a new job means: new drawings!