Sunday, May 07, 2006

I suppose phototoons is up and running. I'm hoping to do the grandest silent film yet in the near future--actually, un-silent, since I'm planning on making an elaborate soundtrack involving mostly the word "scone"--but won't have a lot of time to waste on that pretty soon. It will probably feature most of you who read this blog (hope that's ok. If not, I'll think of a hilarious pseudonym to call you).
  • New Jersey needs a new slogan? I've got the perfect slogan generator for them. It's how I got all the "great" slogans for this site. How about, "How do you eat your New Jersey?" Or "Good New Jersey has Danish written all over it." Haha, this one is so awesome: "Nothing sucks like a New Jersey." the way, I'm not picking on New Jersey or anything, for those of you who happen to live there.
I forgot to audition for National Youth Choir, which will wrap up at Podium 2006 in Victoria this year. Ah well, if I didn't take classes in May I wouldn't be able to graduate. Still, NYC is better than graduating. That reminds me, when I was in it in 2004, some newspaper in Manitoba published an article all about how we were rehearsing at the University in Brandon, but the title said something like "Young singers headed for New York City." I suppose they were confused by the NYC (which is supposed to stand for National Youth Choir).

Adsense is so clever. The ads on my drawings page are always for banjos or banjo sheet music. Somebody was looking for "mean bee drawings" on my site the other day. I mostly specialize in happy bee drawings, but I'll add a mean bee or two anyway.


Blake said...

That's a cool profile picture. Neat effect.

Lapsura said...

Thanks! I drew it myself.

Blake said...

Ooooo. Talented too.

Lapsura said...

...just kidding.

Anonymous said...

hehe... you sly girl.

I definately got the "Nothing sucks like a Connecticut." But don't worry about making fun of New Jersey. Everybody makes fun of them, including themselves.

And I read your blog.. does that mean I'll get featured? hm? hm?

Lapsura said...

Ryan, you get to be Jesus. Seriously.

But just between you and me, I'm Jesus, and don't you forget it. (You might not have recognized me without my sandals).